The Unknown She

Author: Brooksie D. Thompson

ISBN: 9781508468875
Pages: 76
Description: In Brooksie D. Thompson’s The Unknown She, poetry illuminates the shadowy world of depression, addiction, grief, and loss. Full of strong concepts and unapologetic insight, Ms. Thompson’s journey through sorrow and self-discovery is both emotionally complex and painfully honest. For anyone who has even felt uncertain or lost; alone or forgotten, The Unknown She draws careful circles around the sources of our pain, and the depth of life’s experiences. Immerse yourself in the spectrum of sadness so beautifully illustrated in this poetic saga of love, loss, and loneliness. The Unknown She is sure to captivate the empath in all of us who have ever been confronted with the sights and forms that sadness takes. Nourish your soul and grab your copy today!
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