Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten

Author: Kerstin Gier

ISBN: 9783401067636
Pages: 1248
Description: This series is not the greatest series out there but it was rather good. Ive read it three times mostly because it’s always at the library when I have nothing to read. I will say that it gets very cheesy, but sometimes I think you have to look past judgment to really enjoy a book. This book was not as original as I would have liked it to be, but not the worst I’ve seen. This books really pulls you in when your at an exiting part, and after even the third time of reading it, I still stay awake till 3am obsessively reading. I was pretty disappointed by the ending, being as cheesy as it was, but it was to be expected.
Now I’m a little impressed with Gwen’s character, because if it was me being nagged daily by a cousin, I probably would have attempted to strangle her by the time I was old enough to do so. I have to deal with the idiots of this world AND a brother already. Madame Rossini always made me smile, as I was reading. I love people like that, I just can’t help it. And please won’t think I’m a self centered person for saying so, it’s just how cute and loving she is. I’m sure many people will agree? Gideon was made out to be the stereotypical perfect guy. How many times on this earth will you stumble across an insanely hansom looking guy, and have him not be a utter jerk? Well, unless you happen to be an utter jerk, in which case, I’m not talking to you. I just wish authors would stop dreaming up these perfect love interests, because no ones perfect.
Any who, for anyone who enjoys fiction, and has a tolerance for romance, I would recommend this book.
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