Author: Arina Tanemura

ISBN: 9781421518008
Pages: 216

Ion has always believed that something good will happen when chanting your own name. After getting involved with her classmate Mikado’s experiment for telekinetic powers, Ion finds not only does chanting I-O-N bring her something good, but also allows her to use psychic powers. In addition to her new powers, she also begins to fall in love with Mikado. He, however, only seems to think of her as an interesting experiment.

I.O.N was the second manga I ever read and bought – way back in 2004! One may think my rating is nostalgia influenced, but I genuinely like this cute short story. Ion is a nice upbeat kind of character and the idea of chanting your own name for a little bit of magic always struck me as a nice and unique concept.

Ion is friendly and caring – and sometimes a little silly. I think she could have been a very nice character had she had her own series. This being a short story, of course, didn’t leave her much room for character growth. But it is what it is, and Tanemura let the story develop smoothly in the few chapters available.

Some of the psychic scenes are among the cutest I’ve ever seen. I adore how Ion, when lying on the ground, uses her powers to hover just a little above the ground to embrace someone she cares for. It is really just a short and simple story, but it is so nicely executed that it gives me a warm feeling when reading it. The art is cute, it’s almost entirely drama-free and I love the author’s humour of her earlier works.
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